2017 - NORMANDYOURS - 2017
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For a firm booking
A personal check in USD must be sent to:
clic here for mailing address
One day tour: $250 - 2 days: $350
It will not be cashed and will be returned when you
pay at the end of tour !

After the deposit has been received:
- Up to 3 months before arrival,deposit
will be refunded minus a $50 fee
- Less than 3 months: only 50% of deposit will be refunded
- At D-1 month, deposit will be kept and lost,
check will be cashed

- Can be provided upon request
- Wiring fees on both sides have to be
paid by client

If you want a more "taylor-made" itinerary,
try to give me more information and my assistance will be free of charge
but please a "reasonable" number of emails must be exchanged...


- Last name & first name
- Name of Travel Agency(if any)
- Number of persons
- Will you have a car ?
- Dates of arrival & departure in Normandy ?
- Place of stay ?
- Do you wish help with your accomodations ?
- Do you need help with your train-schedule ?
- Will you need a rent-a-car ?
- Have you been to Normandy before ?
- Were you referred to us by former clients ? or how did you find me ?

I will reply within 24 hrs:

- To confirm my availability (If not I will always try to find some other guide)
- Send you a suggestion of itinerary
- Confirm exact price
- Try to answer all the questions that you might have

- I will let you know when I receive your deposit
& reconfirm our place & time of meeting

REMARKS: Please book early !
Months of May, June & September
are the busiest in the area of the Landing beaches.
Also watch a few movies before coming over
The longest day, Band of brothers, Saving private Ryan...)

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