2017 - NORMANDYOURS - 2017


What I usually suggest if you want to see all 5 WWII Landing beaches, it is to have at least 2 days
with the first day of touring being the American sector
(Utah + Omaha).
Then the second day, we go to Arromanches to see the remains of Port Winston
(also called Mulberry B)
and visit the museum or the 360° cinema*
Beautiful drive along the coast with a stop
in Bernieres on Juno beach.
lunch in Ouistreham
We then visit the site of Pegasus bridge
(famous landing site of the 6th British Airborne)
and its museum & see famous café Gondrée
If time left we can go all the way to Merville
and visit it's German gun battery

* If you are Canadians then instead you can visit
the Juno Beach center & if time we visit Canadian cemetery

Longues naval gun battery Remains of artificial port

An other popular possibility is to do
the Omaha beach sector in the morning:
Pointe du Hoc - Omaha beach - US Military cemetery
Lunch near the beach
Then gun battery of Longues sur-mer, Arromanches
(Sword beach)
Juno beach or Canadian cemetery

Many itineraries are possible, just ask me !

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