2017- NORMANDYOURS - 2017

half-day tour Omaha beach sector of the US landing beaches

09.00 to 1.30 pm or 1.30 to 6.00 pm (your choice)


We will start our tour from the German cemetery
in La Cambe(free safe parking)and do a short tour of this interesting burial site for both US
and German soldiers until 1947

Famous cliff scaled by
US Rangers led
by Col. Earl Rudder

(95 survivors after 2 days
of fighting out of 225 who came)


Hard to imagine on this peaceful beach today that on June 6th so many brave soldiers died in a few hours.
Walk in their footsteps..

We'll finish with the visit of the moving AMERICAN MILITARY CEMETERY*
(9387 graves + 1557 on wall of the missing)
and leave after flag folding ceremony


Back to either Bayeux or La Cambe or any other place.

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