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NORMANDY is a region (equivalent to a State) and the 5 Landing beaches
are a vast stretch of land
(about 70 miles) across 2 counties:
Calvados & Manche.
In between the beaches, you have small villages,
narrow roads, rivers, marshland, cliffs etc...



ROAD: Freeway A 13 from Paris to Caen
(Tolls can be paid by credit card)

TRAIN: Trains from Paris/St Lazare train-station to Caen, Bayeux or
(the most centrally located)
Plenty of trains (no TGV) It takes from 2 to 3 hrs

Important ! do not forget to tick your ticket in the yellow
machines before boarding your train or you could be fined
For train schedules:

AIR: By private plane to Caen/Carpiquet airport or helicopter
(service out of Paris)

FERRY: From Portsouth to either Cherbourg (closest to the heart of the US sector)
or to Caen/Ouistreham

RADARS: Beware ! They keep adding more & more of these ugly treacherous boxes...some flash you when passing them or after (from behind !)
you will not escape the heavy fine
(depending at which speed you are driving...) because if you are in a French rented vehicle: it will be debited from your credit card !


Oysters on the half-shell Camembert
NORMANDY GASTRONOMY: Lots of variety in the local gastronomy:
Fresh seafood: oysters, sea-scallops, mussels
and of course dairy products like cheese:
the most famous cheeses of Normandy:
Camembert, Pont-Lévêque, Livarot
(the Colonel), Neufchatel
Caramels made in Isigny, cream, butter...
Cider, Calvados brandy made with apples and delicious apple pies

(soldiers learned quickly what Calva was in 44 !!!)

TIPPING CUSTOMS in FRANCE: American clients are favorites of waiters
in bars & restaurants as they are
(overly) generous.
No need to tip as much as in America as there is a
12 to 15% service-charge included in the bill
(as well as a 19,6% Tax)
but it is customary
(if service was fast & friendly)
to leave a 1 or 2 euros per person on the table.

BANKING:Please note that the best bank cards to have when traveling
to France are Visa or Mastercard
(not American Express, refused by many shops)
There are plenty of ATM to retrieve cash but make sure that you indicate a sufficient maximum amount to your bank before departure and that you know your pin code !!!
US dollars can be exchanged in some banks with your passport.

LANDSCAPES: The purpose of your visit is probably to see the
sites of the D-Day Landings and the Battle of Normandy
but you will be pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the scenery:
chateaux, fortified farmhouses, flowers everywhere, good roads...
Lots of stallions and cows.
Wheat, barley, corn, flaks...pasture fields and hedgerows.
Normandy main resources are agriculture and the dairy industry.

For a complete discovery of all the treasures Normandy has to offer,
I suggest to spend from 4 to 6 days


Touristic season in Normandy is from April to end of October

April/May: Spring is in the air. still cool but nice in
the 60°F temperature range.
Apple-trees and canola are blooming.

JuneA special month with commemorations, festive atmosphere
in the Landing Beaches sector, better reserve in advance !
and you will be surprised how long daylight last.
Lots of flowers blooming everywhere.

July & August: High vacation time, families in August
Summer weather in the mid 80°F
Higher prices & reservations have to be made early.
Beware that very few places have air-conditioning
but we only need it a few days a year in Normandy.

: Uncrowdy, still nice days getting shorter & cooler.
Sometimes Indian summer in October !
(60° to 70°F)
For the rest of the year, have a wind-breaker, umbrella, warm clothes but Normandy being bordered by 375 miles of coast line,
the climate is quite mild with only a few days of
snow & freezing temperature, usually in January/February

To convert temperature Celcius to Fahrenheit ° :
C X 2 + 32 
- Exemple: 20° C becomes 72° F
To call France from the US dial 011 then the number
(skip the 0)

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