2017 - NORMANDYOURS - 2017



After being a guide for about 15 years, the time has come for me to slow down…
For a while, due to some health issues, if you contact me, I will very likely propose to you, my partner and son, Trevor as your guide.

I am not yet quitting
(I like contacts with clients too much and must remain active but walking a lot will be a problem for a while).

I can still handle:
    - Counsel, reservations, itineraries, deposits etc…
      And hopefully soon resume doing a few tours:

      In your rent-a-car, in a bus, or in my car
(if not more than 3 participants).

Trevor has been a guide for about 9 years and today, I am proud to say that he knows more than I do and
is an excellent true Battle of Normandy expert.
A big advantage: he speaks American with no French accent and can conduct his tours
 in either an 8 passengers Ford van or a more deluxe sedan seating 4.

For more details on what he can do, check his web site then get back to me for the booking: