2017 - NORMANDYOURS - 2017
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(Round-trip in one day)

I have noticed that many Americans who come to visit and stay in Paris would still love to make a quick trip to Normandy.
But hiring a chauffeur is quite costly and renting a car when you do not know stick-shift nor your way out of Paris can be tricky...

I have a solution for you if you are in this situation !
In the US you do not have too many chances to take the train
so why not try it to get to Normandy?
You can relax and enjoy looking at beautiful landscapes but
the only problem is that you will have to get up very early !

Carentan train-station
Carentan train-station

Townplace/same statue

Our trains are usually on time and clean
(for a few euros more take a first class ticket, it's even better)
- you will leave from PARIS/St LAZARE train-station
(line PARIS to CHERBOURG)and take direct train to CARENTAN*
(It will stop in other places before getting to Carentan but you stay on the train and be ready by the door of the wagon when you get there as train-stop very brief...)

Leave Paris at 07.05
Arrive Carentan at 09.29

Leave Paris at 10.06
Arrive Carentan at 12.58 n

Return from Carentan at 6.10 pm
Arrive in Paris at 8.48 pm

Return from Carentan at 7.10 pm
Arrive in Paris at 9.47 pm

See FULL DAY prices

Special price as shorter day
From 380 euros

Time schedule subject to change so must always be verified
few days before departure

*CARENTAN:town where I was born in 44, liberated by the 101st Airborne troops and made famous by TV serie "Band of Brothers"...
We will be only 15 min from Sainte Mere Eglise
(First town liberated on the morning of June 6th
and close to Utah beach)

WEEK DAYS Tour includes:
- Sainte Mere Eglise - Utah beach - Sainte Marie du Mont
- German cemetery* - Pointe du Hoc - Omaha beach - American cemetery
(*if time on this tour we will visit german cemetery &
"off the beaten track" places will be shown)
- Sainte Mere Eglise - Pointe du Hoc - Omaha beach
- American military cemetery

- Train fare - Lunches - museums

Carentan Memorial
Carentan Town Hall with Signal Memorial

Bayeux townhall

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